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Self-help Empowerment through Education and Knowledge 

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When attending a Self-Help Seminar or Retreat Event, I need to be aware of the environment and behaviors of those around me that may interfere with my safety, inhibiting my journey of personal growth.

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Unfortunately, I cannot assume that all providers are ethical and concerned for my safety, therefore,  as a participant, I must actively assume responsibility for my own limitations and vulnerability when seeking self-improvement.

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1. Be Aware of a highly packed schedule that does not allow participants to manage basic needs for sleep, elimination, food, water, medical needs or safety.

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2. Be Aware if asked to sign a waiver, absolving the leader of any responsibility for injury if I have not been given information about how the leader will minimize risk and protect me if there is an accident.

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3. Be Aware if embarrassed or uncomfortable at the treatment of participants by the leader. Being publicly shamed or ridiculed inhibits safe psychological growth.

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4. Be Aware of tactics that make a person vulnerable to the leader’s suggestions. Sensory deprivation (lack of sleep, light, proper nutrition, isolation), constant repetition of certain words, or breathing techniques that create confusion and disorientation are tactics that cause lack of mental control, NOT better mental focus.

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5. Be Aware of approaches that may reveal the character of the leader:

    • A credible leader will live the values being taught.
    • A responsible leader will distinguish between theory, opinion, speculation and scientific research and will not belittle or dismiss professional credentials or rely solely on testimonials.
    • A reasonable leader will not subject the participants to the high pressured sales pitch involving scarcity or poor refund policies.
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Disclaimer: SEEKsafely is not interested in endorsing, promoting or monitoring self-help practitioners, our goal is to educate the seeker and impact the industry to prevent any further tragedy.

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We at SEEK applaud the person who desires to grow, learn and expand their life.


Download the Empowerment Guide here

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