The Seek Safely Promise

In order to bring some consumer protection to this $11 billion unregulated self-help industry, we have created The SEEK Safely Promise. We are encouraging motivational speakers, leaders, and authors in the self-help industry to sign the promise. By signing the SEEK Safely Promise they will be making a public statement of intent to practice in an ethical and safe manner.

For self-help providers: Please join us in promoting safety and ethics.
For consumers: Please encourage your teacher to sign this promise.

All seekers deserve to be able to make an informed decision about their journey.

Ginny & George Brown, loving parents of Kirby Brown


A person’s journey to self-empowerment and personal improvement is deeply personal, emotional and often times spiritual. We/I acknowledge and support every individual’s right to a safe and constructive journey so that each person might find the personal growth and change he/she seeks.

As an organization/program we/I are committed to providing an environment and experiences that are:

1. Truthful.  Consumers will receive accurate information about the author’s, leader’s or speaker’s professional degrees, credentials and experience.

2. Accurate.  It will be clearly delineated what is personal opinion, belief or speculation as opposed to information that is supported by third party scientific research.

3. Respectful. Participants will be able to freely express opinions, without fear of public humiliation, ridicule, shame or physical abuse.

4. Protective.  The leader will protect the emotional safety of participants by keeping confidentiality and implementing appropriate boundaries. If needed,  they will also advise seekers to enlist the aid of licensed professionals for services that may be beyond the scope of the event, seminar or retreat.

5. Integrity.  The leader will provide personal witness by living the program being taught.

6. Safe. If engaging participants in a physical activity, there will be appropriate medical support available in case of injury. The leader will have a comprehensive risk management plan to minimize any risk taken by participants and clearly explain any potential risks that are part of the event.

By agreeing to this promise we/I will strive to live these values, principles and practices and will implement them to serve the best interests of participants.




  1. Download the PDF above
  2. Sign the document
  3. Fax it to (888) 636-8279 OR Scan & email:

Disclaimer:  S.E.E.K. Safely is not interested in endorsing, promoting or monitoring self-help practitioners.  Rather, our goal is to educate the seeker and promote safe practices in the industry in order to prevent tragedies. 

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