Brown Family Statement on the James Ray Sentencing

Kirby Cabo2

We would like to thank the Victim Services of Arizona, who have been incredibly gracious and helpful to the family and friends of the victims during this nightmare.  To the prosecutorial team and police investigators, who have been not just been our “legal” defenders, but have displayed incredible compassion and sensitivity throughout this trial, we owe a great debt of gratitude through the James Ray Sentencing. We also again thank the members of the jury who set aside their lives for over 5 months as they carefully considered the evidence presented to them.  We appreciate their dedication and careful discernment of the facts presented. Though we will live with this grief forever, we are gratified that James Ray, convicted of homicide, will be in prison, a “product recall” unable to harm honest seekers of personal growth.  We believe JR is a dangerous person who has shown little regard for the victims of the tragedy in Sedona. As the horrific details of her death emerged in this trial, we realized that the potential danger posed by “self-help” gurus extends well beyond James Ray. Since Kirby’s voice has been forever silenced, her family will now speak for her.  We have launched a not-for-profit organization, SEEK, (Self-help Empowerment through Education and Knowledge) to educate the public about self-help. It will empower all seekers to ask important questions and consider possible “red-flags” before following a self-proclaimed “guru”, even if they have been vetted by the public media. We will work to protect those desiring personal growth by exposing scam artists and frauds. SEEK will advocate for professional Standards, and explore avenues of accountability for this totally unregulated industry. The website is officially ready for participation.  We welcome donations to help us help other seekers to expand rather than lose their lives. Kirby, our “super nova”, would be proud that we stood together, each day to speak and seek the truth.

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