Recent Injuries at Tony Robbins Fire Walk Event


Kirby Brown lost her life, a victim of James Ray’s Spiritual Warrior Sweat Lodge event in Sedona, Arizona on October 8, 2009.  Her family has started SEEK Safely, Inc., a non-profit charity, to educate people about the self-help industry and promote professional standards and safe practices in this billion dollar unregulated industry.  They speak out regarding the Tony Robbins Fire Walk event that left 21 people injured on July 19th at one of the popular motivational speaker’s 4-day events: “It is imperative that those who seek to improve their lives by participating in physical self-help challenges understand the risk they are taking and check to make sure their “leader” is willing to do everything possible to minimize that risk.  Seekers should know that the person who facilitates such an event will provide the medical help and support needed if they experience any harm. After Sedona, we know that assuming a risk management plan will be implemented without certain knowledge of that plan can prove fatal. We hope those who were injured in San Diego will experience quick and complete recoveries.”

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