Evaluating Self-Help: Strategy #6 – One Solution for All problems???


Dr. Norcross has asked us to go beyond the”glitzy” cover and the fantastic advertising claims, to separate real scientific evidence from  misleading research terminology and to select materials that recognize our complexity as human beings.   Now if we desire true change: 6. Seek self-help that focuses on a particular problem rather than those that claim to be a GENERAL solution for ALL your problems.

  • Products that address ALL problems with one intervention sell better. (and to a bigger audience).  However, interventions that are identified for a specific issue are more cognizant of the intricate origins and dynamics of the problematic behavior and are therefore more precise in their recommendations and consequently, more helpful.
  • It may be appealing to go to a “one stop shop for change” but it is unrealistic to assume that one intervention can be applied to multiple difficulties arising from many, complex causes.
  • So, beware of the products and gurus that claim to be all things to all people.

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