Evaluating Self-Help: Strategy #10 – Check out Author’s Educational Credentials


Now that we have looked beyond the cover, the claims, the advertising, the inspirational stories and sought out the real process of change.Dr. Norcross’ tenth strategy suggests you CHECK OUT the education and experience of your source

  • Gurus or authors can claim to have education, experience, and training in particular areas and people rarely question those statements.  However, from painful experience, we know those assertions may not be true.
  • When “rare, exotic” disciplines are presented as proof of someone’s veracity, BEWARE.  Rather than accepting the claim, find out what this unusual discipline really entails…is it real?  Is there real training? Is this a theory or fact? 
  • A guru or author may appear on national television, which leads the average person to feel comfortable with their claims of training, education and experience. But, we know from painful experience, that while the media seems to have  “vetted” someone, due to the talk show’s interest or excited endorsement, they may not have done their homework in checking out the stated background of the individual in question.  Famous talk show moderators can also be misinformed and deliberately misled.  After all, once you’ve been on national TV, you’re in, right?
  • If an author scoffs at “formal training”, touting the advantages of their “freer, more intuitive” knowledge and experience, be wary.  What they are selling may sound exciting, but without REAL education or training, it is just a sales pitch!
James Ray appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show (more than once), on Larry King, and on numerous morning shows. All that exposure advanced his career and empowered his legitimacy, but his claims of education, training and experience were not truthful, leaving seekers vulnerable to unsafe, dangerous messages and practices.  Shame on the media!!!

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