February 8, Kirby’s Birthday

Today, February 8th is Kirby’s Brthday.  She would have been 42.  The world has been deprived of her presence for the past 31/2 years since her death in James Ray’s sweat lodge, the culminatng activity of the 5 day Spiritual Warrior Retreat held in Sedona, Arizona on October 8, 2009. Her death is tragic and was completely preventable. Our loss is enormous.  I have often described Kirby as “drunk on life”… mountain biker, big wave surfer, horsewoman, world traveler, kite boarder, music lover, dancer, painter, “party animal”,  loyal and compassionate friend, lover of people, “kid magnet”, and amazing sister and daughter.  I miss her every day and every new event in our lives is bitter-sweet.  Our family has expanded with 3 new grandchildren and we have had many joyful times and yet, hanging in the air, there is always the unspoken question: “How would Kirby have felt, what would she have said or done?” and the resulting silence is deafening. We know this never should have happened… Kirby’s death and the deaths of James, Liz and those who were injured would not have happened if James Ray had not promised that the signs of physical distress were actually monikers of success. Participants were encouraged “Play full on” and experience the ultimate breakthrough, an altered state–when in actuality, they were heading towards extreme danger. This would not have happened if when James Ray saw and heard that his participants were in trouble…hallucinating, struggling to breathe, unconscious, vomiting, having seizures, asking for help…he had actually responded and helped those who had placed their trust in him. On this day when we remember Kirby, let us remember WHO is at fault…the man who lied about his experience, training, knowledge…the man who was unable to live what he taught: “live impeccably…take responsibility for your actions, intended or unintended”.  Let us remember that he is alive and will be able to re-invent himself once he gets out of prison in July.  Will YOU take some responsibility to join us to hopefully prevent another needless tragedy? KirbySurf

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