Spring is often accompanied by spring cleaning, but this year, we at SEEK Safely are asking you: what are you seeking this spring? Wanting growth and healing are human thirsts. Examining what you want in life and what plans you have to get there are uniquely human desires and abilities. The newness of spring is a perfect opportunity for reflection.


Passover in Judaism is a celebration of Freedom, when the angel of death “passed over” the homes of the Jewish slaves in Egypt, protecting their first born. It is a time of remembering the suffering of slavery and the joy of liberation when the tribes of Israel “passed over” from bondage to freedom in the promised land. Easter for Christians is a celebration of the redemption, when the bondage of sin is “passed over” to the new life of freedom as lived in Jesus and the promise of new, eternal life beyond this time-bound, physical world. Regardless of your religious traditions or beliefs, Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth.  Emerging from a long winter, we are greeted with new growth in our gardens, bird songs, blossoming trees, and a hint, maybe even a promise, of freshness in our lives.

Crocuses emerging in late winter.

What needs renewing in your life? What needs rebirth? Have you been enslaved by anger, grief, anxiety, fear?  What kind of “spring cleaning” do you need? Remember, there are no easy fixes, but lasting change is a possibility, and there are many resources, maybe even people and experiences in your own life, that can contribute to change and healing. Look around… breathe the air… smell the roses… listen to the birds and be thankful for today’s gift of life. Let the season bring you a renewed sense of hope and purpose.
Lavender in full bloom.

Lavender in full bloom.


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