Freedom and Resurrection

As we enter this holy season of Passover and Easter, let us reflect on the messages from these two religious traditions.  The Jewish passover is the commemoration of the liberation from the slavery in Egypt, when the angel of death “passed over” the homes of the Jews in captivity who had smeared the blood of the sacrificial lamb on their door posts, sparing the first born of their family and flocks.  It is a celebration of freedom!

For Christians, Holy week and Easter commemorate the sacrifice of Jesus, the “Lamb of God” and His resurrection from the dead, passing over from sin to eternal life. It, too, is a celebration of redemption and freedom!

BBC Cross by Ihar on Flickr

For those of other traditions and beliefs, this time of Spring, causes reflection about new birth, new beginnings, the end of the long winter and the hope of new growth.  We are surrounded by eggs, baby chicks and bunnies, flowers- all symbols of new life! In all our lives, there is pain and sacrifice along with love, forgiveness, freedom and celebration.  The human condition brings uncertainty and difficult challenges as well as opportunities for growth and joy. I believe our daily challenge is to get beyond our personal enslavement, our “crosses,” whatever weighs us down, and allow ourselves to be resurrected by remembering to be grateful for all the blessings that abound and embracing all the chances we have to make life better and more beautiful for those around us.

Living with joy is a choice!

Happy Passover!  Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!

Chicks and Ducks by Jim Pennucci on Flickr

Chicks and Ducks by Jim Pennucci on Flickr


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