Happy Birthday to Me! Using my Gift of Time

The Gift of Time I recently celebrated my birthday (a big one, but I’m not giving anything away!) and as a result, I was ruminating on time, aging, opportunity and fear. So often, we do not do what we want to do because we are afraid we’ll fail or that our plan will never work or we think there is not enough time to accomplish this goal. Well, birthdays remind us that time is finite and we do have to make deliberate decisions about how to use this valuable commodity, this priceless gift given to each of us. Combatting the Thought Vampires Fear, anxiety, self-doubt can suck away our energy and get us nowhere, ultimately wasting valuable time. As I keep moving forward to advance the mission of SEEK, I am often confronted by these “thought vampires.” So often this mission seems so vast, so diffuse, so impossible. Can we really impact this huge industry? Can we really help people to be more discerning and safer in their personal journeys? Is anyone out there reading? listening? questioning? thinking? I have started saying to myself, “Whatever I do today is more than what was done yesterday.” I have decided that for reasons beyond my understanding, I am here. I have an opportunity to choose to be Kirby’s voice to speak for her, challenging the self-help industry to truly help, not harm. I have a chance to empower consumers to have productive and safe journeys. Moving Ahead We are planning a summit in Sedona, Arizona, in June (more details in the next newsletter) to hold a conversation with providers and consumers of self-help to discuss the importance of ethics and safety. I have also started giving talks to explain and promote the Seek Safely Promise and Empowerment Guide to those looking for self-improvement and personal growth. Who will be touched by these efforts?  Who might be saved from harm? Who will be more self-directed as a result of this outreach or the information on this site? I don’t know. However, I do know that the “thought vampires” of fear and self-doubt will not win, for I am choosing to use my gift of time to be Kirby’s voice. KirbySurf

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