Recap: Create Change NOW! Workshop

We were a small but mighty group that met in midtown Manhattan earlier this month for our workshop series, “Create Change NOW!,” our new series to learn about creating change that lasts. The participants in our first workshop were excited by the information and discussions and left feeling empowered to enact a change plan. SEEK Change Workshop (Generic)  

Here’s a small glimpse of what we discussed at Create Change Now!:

Breaking Down Common Self-help Myths:

So much of what I have read in the self-help arena seems to imply that our thoughts will create the desired results in our lives–simply place “attention on the intention,” and it will come true. But this is a shallow approach that likely won’t yield lasting results. Research shows that change does begin with the intention to establish clear, specific, measurable and realistic goals. However, we also have to do the hard work of self-examination to explore why attempts at changes may have failed in the past. And once we have decided where we want to go and what we may have inadvertently done in the past that prevented reaching that goal, we can begin to look at the science of change. The science outlines proven strategies and skills that when employed will bring about sustainable change. It’s not just about though; it’s thought combined with hard work, perseverance and persistence.

Assessing Tools for Change:

When we want to change a self-defeating behavior, address procrastination, choose better health habits, establish a new routine or move into a new chapter in our lives, one piece of the puzzle may be using outside tools to achieve these goals. Seeking inspiration or new strategies from books, seminars, and teachers is a great step in the process. But we need to carefully assess the program, teacher or event to ensure that our growth journey will be productive and safe. This is where some of SEEK’s tools, such as the Empowerment Guide, come into play. In studying and sharing the science of change gleaned from Dr. Norcross’ research, I have learned so much about changes in my own life. I better understand why attempts in the past failed (like that 10 pounds I keep trying to lose!). I have a clearer understanding of the skills that, when employed, will bring success (and now I have lost the first 5!). Utilizing resources backed by research is an important part of creating lasting change.

Change as a Roadtrip:

Having gone on many camping vacations with the family, I used the analogy of the road trip. We explored the need to first decide on the destination (the goal for change), then do a vehicle check (getting our selves, thinking, and feelings, in good working order), pack carefully (have a plan, a map, skills), decide with whom we want to drive (a support team, inspiration, guides), and make sure the emergency tool kit is complete (what is needed for breakdowns, detours, the “unexpected”). Finally we examined the concept of becoming a “traveler” as opposed to just getting to a destination; in other words, developing a change in our lifestyle, not just completing a temporary program (for example, lifestyle changes to stay in shape, rather than just completing a diet).

Photo Credit: "Camper in the New Forest" by Steve Wilson on Flickr

Photo Credit: “Camper in the New Forest” by katebackdrop

Your Turn!

Consider participating or promoting a change workshop in your workplace, organization, church, school or community. We’re looking for new audiences to share our message with! Together we can learn real, credible strategies to help us become our own “gurus” and actualize what we desire in our lives! If interested, Email me at

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