Reading up on Productivity

Are you, like everyone else today it seems, hoping to be more productive? Do you read advice books? When I find a good one, I want to share it with everyone. It’s exciting to discover a new strategy to help you tackle a goal you have for yourself, like improving productivity, or being a more effective employee, parent, boss, etc.

Advice Books?

The value of an advice book is to encourage thinking and inspire action. As a parent educator for over 30 years, I have read hundreds of parenting books and seen the effect of these books on parents I work with. Every author, every book has a certain perspective, and most will impart some interesting information and potential inspiration. I have noticed that after reading a book about childhood development or discipline strategies, parents are more likely to be intentional in their parenting, for example responding rather than simply reacting to a situation with their children. In my experience, there is no single answer or magic solution to any of life’s challenges. Finding a solution that works often takes some trial and error–an exploration through what others have done and feel is worth sharing.

Books for Productivity

Productivity is a super hot topic in the self-help/motivation world. Many people who seek advice from books, a motivational speaker or an event are looking to become more productive in their professional work or personal life. It seems everyone wants to produce more and be more effective in less time, with fewer resources. This list from Medium of 10 books on productivity looks like a good compilation. Our SEEK team has read and loved a few of them. And I like Medium’s note before the list:

In the end, there’s no substitute for rolling up your sleeves and actually sitting down to do the work that will, one step at a time, help you accomplish all of your goals. But, a little inspiration never hurt.


SEEK Safely

Review our red flags for print media to separate the resources that are likely to be helpful from those that are probably a waste of time and money. Have you come across any of these books in your quest to be more productive? Or do you have other recommendations for increasing your productivity? We’d love to hear them! [Featured image is by Moyan Brenn on Flickr]

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