Letter to James Arthur Ray from Jean Brown




3 comments on “Letter to James Arthur Ray from Jean Brown

  1. Therka Jackson on

    As far as i am concerned this Guy is a Narcicist and Psychopath of the worst Sort. I am appaled by the American Justice System. He deserves at least Life long Imprisoment. It is a Scandal he got away with so little and a even worse Scandal he can now appear on TV and/or still is NOT absolutelly been forbidden to do ANY Work with other Humans. He is a Danger and a horrible Human Being.
    I wish Life itself will pay him back.
    This is from Europe, just a Lady who heard of this Tragedy.

  2. ww on

    Since the original “murders” (an i am ABSOLUTE in calling the deaths MURDERS), i have been EXTREMELY vocal about this.

    First, Ms. Brown, in the video above is far too gentle in her asking ever so nicely for jimmy ray to cease and desist. clearly, with him speaking “out” of his “suffering” he will never take any responsibility.

    and… since none of you really know anything about the ceremony – or how it is supposed to be properly conducted – none can really address that.

    I can. and I will.

    Ray has NO TRAINING in the traditional ways of any tribe. he is an appropriator, a STEALER of these ways. and those of us that do have training in these ways that are NOT of the blood lineage – we are ALWAYS taught NEVER CHARGE MONEY. we would NEVER have the gall to charge. let alone $10,000.00 a head. that was $650,000.00 for several days. and 3 murders. MURDERS. i will stand my ground firmly on this.

    do remember, surpressed at the trial, 2 years earlier, THE EXACT SAME SCENARIO played out. dozens sick, dozens to the hospital. no it was NOT rat poison in the tarps. what a load of shit. (expletive necessary)

    STOP BEING SO NICE. (nice – from the latin nescio “to not know”.)

    nice is what puts people like hitler and trump in power. we need to get back bones and stand up to these people. not with soft sweet beaten down voice. with LOUD VOICES – ALTA VOCO. raise your voice.

    remember network (the movie) “I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE”

    where is your voice? STAND UP AND BE HEARD. you are not a mouse.

  3. Barney on

    JAR got away with murder. Sure he did 20 months but the courts have to apply some prison time so society will keep accepting the current system. Nothing will change until the laws do. The courts have deemed each of the three lives worth about 7 months. Only vote for a government that creates policies that put the well being of the people first. If human life is not a first priority or value then as a country we have nothing.


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