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Your Story Matters - SEEK

Life Can Be Challenging… For EVERYONE!

Everyone has a story. Everyone has blessings but everyone also has “stuff”… challenges, disappointments, losses, struggles, and life transitions that may require difficult changes.

When you have a flat tire, you only see people whizzing past you as you sit on the side of the road. The reality is, you do not know how many of those drivers had a flat tire yesterday or will have a car problem in the near future. We tend to think that everyone else is in better shape. Others have more financial success, money, happiness, love, better relationships, etc, etc. Yet life challenges EVERYONE!  We all have stories of joy and stories of heart wrenching struggles.

Finding Help to Face our Struggles

When we try to solve our life’s challenges, and when we feel “stuck,” we look for information, encouragement, inspiration and motivation. We often look to our values, religion, friends, and professionals. People also seek professional and personal growth in books, seminars, webinars, and retreats with popular thought leaders and programs.

We have learned that while many of these self-led attempts at personal growth can be productive, some are a waste of time and money. Some can be financially and emotionally damaging, and even physically harmful. Or worse, deadly. Kirby, James, Liz, and others have lost their lives while attempting to grow.

tony robbins self-help

Tony Robbins, one of the biggest guys on self-help scene, who’s also had participants receive injuries at his events

When the Help You Seek Harms… You’re NOT Alone!

Sometimes a participant feels they have failed because their teacher convinced them they were at fault, not having tried or believed enough. We know that people often feel shame or embarrassment if they have made an investment of time and money and instead were harmed. No one likes to admit to having been taken advantage of, or scammed.

You may think you are alone or the only person who didn’t get the “value” promised. But if you have been harmed, you should know that you are not alone and your story deserves to be told!  Let us know how you have overcome harm and what you have learned from your experience.

At SEEK , YOUR STORY MATTERS to us. In the telling of our stories we can help each other be safe and find true, productive help.






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