Looking for HELP in all the right places!

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I know the therapeutic relationship is a uniquely personal one.  I may have a client who does not feel I understand their issues. I may see a client whom I do not think I will be able to help.  A  Helping relationship has to have a “good fit”.

As a therapist and educator, I have always believed the adage:  “When the student is READY, the teacher shows up.”   So, in the self-help arena, one person may go to a thought leader/teacher and have a great experience and another may not feel they have gotten much value for their investment of time and money.

However, at SEEK we believe it is imperative that all seekers understand their rights as outlined in the SEEK SAFELY PROMISE, that we ask practitioners to sign.  We also believe that we all have an individual responsibility to be aware of our surroundings, using the RED FLAGS to help us evaluate our experience before our ability for rational assessment is compromised.

Understanding that each person’s experience is different, SEEK does not want to evaluate, promote or endorse a particular provider.  We are asking, you, the consumer, to simply be aware that in this unregulated industry, do not make assumptions about training, certifications, safety protocols, risk management plans or medical support.  We will provide information to increase awareness about unethical and unsafe practices. And we will continue to explore possible avenues to increase consumer safety.  However, it is always up to the individual to be aware and mindfully evaluate one’s own experience.

SEEK, LISTEN, LEARN, GROW and share your experiences with us.  YOUR STORY MATTERS!




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