Eight years ago,  a trooper came to our door to inform us that Kirby had died in a sweat lodge in Sedona, AZ.  I remember thinking, “Died?? All she wanted to do was LIVE.”  She wanted to be more, grow, expand, learn.  And so on this 8th anniversary, I would like to share with you a song that has always exemplified her indomitable spirit.  Written and sung by John Denver, the refrain is:

I want to grow, I want to see, I want to know.  I want to share all I can give, I want to be, I want to LIVE!”

Kirby went to the Spiritual Warrior Retreat because she wanted to LIVE, to expand her life and instead her life ended.  We never want that to happen to another seeker. At SEEK we want consumers to be more aware of the RED FLAGS to evaluate a questionable teacher or situation. We want to do what we can to impact this industry to be ethical and safe for consumers.  Join us in pushing regulatory legislation in NYS.  Here’s is how you can help!

Join our mission to have Kirby, James Shore, and Liz Neuman’s deaths inspire us to live fully and motivate us to bring change to an unregulated industry.   We all want to LIVE, share what we can GIVE, we want to LIVE!!!

3 comments on “8 YEARS Ago

  1. Lauren Reinkens on

    Missing you still Kirby. James Ray was tipped way too far into the realm of head, not heart. He blatantly lacked a nurturing spirit which may have been the missing link in his pushing attendees too far. I witnessed this on numerous occasions. Your light still shines on, Kirby, in the hearts of those who love you.

  2. Sage Caruana on

    We will continue to expose that Narcissistic, egomaniac, sociopath, to try to educate the innocent ones about false spiritual leaders. Hopefully he won’t be able to harm another soul again. I think of Kirby often. I think what iaShane she did not get to live her life because the evil man who called self a spiritual teacher,had his eyes on their money, not on their souls. Therefore he was truly responsible for three souls , Beautiful souls to be taken ~We will continue to expose him., spread this word to all your friends,please.


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