Dr. Doyle on Gurus who Oversell Themselves

One of our good friends at SEEK, Dr. Glenn Doyle, recently wrote about being cautious with leaders, gurus, teachers, who “oversell” themselves by claiming they have THE SOLUTION for everyone’s self-improvement.

There’s a reason why most personal development pages on the internet (including this one!) can’t dole out the specific strategies that will work for you in your recovery: because the specific strategies that will work for YOU are just that— specific to YOU. 

You— yes you, right there, reading this page— have different needs, experiences, influences, and triggers than anyone else reading this page. 

The very best I, or anyone writing things on the internet, can do, is bring your attention to some of the common PATTERNS we see in how people recover and grow…and then offer our OBSERVATIONS and SUGGESTIONS on how these might be tailored to peoples’ individual needs. 

All of which is to say: I don’t expect the things I post on this page to solve your problems or comprehensively change your world…  

Any personal growth or recovery page on the internet that DOESN’T acknowledge this— that it cannot, by definition, offer you advice specifically tailored to you— is playing a disingenuous game.

Dr. Doyle’s perspective is so valuable–he’s a psychologist and long-time self-help consumer who hopes to be a positive influence in this industry. But despite all of his knowledge and experience, he has a healthy awareness of his own limitations as a teacher–an awareness all leaders in the self-improvement arena should have (yet so many don’t!).

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