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  1. Ada Rodriguez on

    Hello Ms. Ginny Brown.
    I want to let you know that I have learned of what happened with your daughter Kirby Brown at a self help camp with a psychopathic con man. I learned through a program, ‘Deadly Devotion’. I am extremely disturbed!
    I can relate to tactics of power and control used to manipulate Kirby’s need to become a better person and rise above difficult circumstances by perpetrator. We all want that! I know I do.
    As a survivor of domestic violence, mother, and current student majoring in Psychology, my toddlers, and I sought shelter in WINGS Inc./YWCA(West Covina, CA) where I was manipulated/subtly coerced into doing things that defeated my dignity and desire to live as a person. We were humiliated beyond, and forced to ingest expired milk which led my 4-year-old toddler to wake up slouching, boiling in fever, sweating, and not wanting to eat. We were threatened to be put back in the streets should we decide to seek medical attention. We were put on the street days later to cover up what they had done. Being tremendously disadvantaged as far as a place to sleep, lacking funds for food, and still being followed by our perpetrator, they thought that ‘what can that poor woman with 2 children, and nothing to fall back on, do against us? And they are right.
    Nothing. I can do nothing. I feel the same dismay and impotence you may have felt when Ray was charged with mere ‘Negligent Homicide’. Money goes a longer way. Aizen(4 years)Violet(3 years), and I know exactly what that feels like. We just want to live. I live for my children. It hurts to standby because that’s all I can do, as I see people these unethical wealthy murderers and organizations take advantage. As much as one speaks up, our voices are silenced. I have never felt like I wanted to die so much as I did when my children and I stayed at WINGS Inc. Manipulative, sociopathic, narcissistic, and psychopathic people will always have leverage because they are ones willing to take, and steal no matter how many lives need to be taken, and how many people need to be hurt.
    I want you to know that you are not alone Mrs. Ginny Brown. Your daughter reminds so much of myself before I was broken. Maybe some day I will find all the pieces that were scattered by corrupt people exerting power, control, belittling, and manipulation over those who genuinely seek to grow and be the light for others who need hope.


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