Seek Safely

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world"

We Seek, We Change, We Grow

As Mahatma Gandhi said "Be the change that you wish to see in the world". Change your life, Change your perspective, Change your day.

When we want to change, we often look to others to inspire and motivate us, leading and teaching us to a new way of thinking and acting.

The leaders in the self-help industry have built an empire that is $11 billion strong. We need them to abide by some very basic values to help us on our journey.

To change, and grow we need to be respected. We need our teachers to have integrity, living the lessons that are being taught. We need to be given accurate and truthful information about their knowledge and experience. When we seek we should be protected so that our journey is productive. Our leaders should have a plan to ensure our safety.

A simple set of values can guarantee the change we seek.

A simple set of values could prevent further tragedy:

We have turned these values into a promise. A promise that will ensure a productive and safe journey for all who seek growth and change. We have offered this promise to the self-help industry, so they can make the world safe for change.

Life, Love, & Adventure - We are Kirby Brown

Kirby Brown was a “full on” kind of person, She gave everything her all. When asked by James Ray to play, play “full on” she did. Kirby believed that following his direction would change her life for the better. But instead Kirby's life was ended by his negligent practices. He valued his business more than he valued Kirby's life. He completely disregarded her safety. Her spirit lives on and her story of life, love, & adventure, is a story we all share. As long as we are seeking, WE ARE KIRBY BROWN.

My Name is Kirby Brown
My life was lived full on

My adventures were about growth
I lived through love & song

Through experience I grew
My soul always in flight

My journeys were amazing
Every day and every night

Despite one man’s efforts
My life force remains strong

Despite one man’s negligence
My spirit continues on

He can never have my spirit
As it is a part of all of you

So SEEK Safely my friends
And may your journeys always be true

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