Our Story

Kirby Brown’s family decided to bring positive purpose to Kirby, James Shore and Lizabeth Neuman’s tragic deaths by creating SEEK Safely.

Kirby’s search to find the deeper meaning in life and a deeper purpose for herself was a huge part of who she was. We want to be Kirby’s voice to keep others safe from physical, emotional and financial harm. When someone is seeking to expand themselves, they should not lose their money, their time or their life! Kirby’s parents, George and Ginny are licensed, clinical social workers and educators who have worked with those suffering from trauma, depression, anxiety, family dysfunction, grief, and challenging life transitions. Kirby’s siblings, Bob, Kate, and Jean, are professionals in various fields who are also raising young families.

If Kirby was alive today, we know that she would be speaking up – yelling, more likely – about the abuses she experienced. Now, we are Kirby’s voice.

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