Welcome to SEEK Safely


Welcome to SEEK Safely,

Thanks for checking out SEEKSafely.org. We have formed SEEK to protect those who, like our beloved Kirby Brown, hope to improve their lives under guidance in the self-help industry. Through Kirby’s preventable death at James Ray’s Spiritual Warrior retreat in October 2009, we have learned that there are no legal safeguards to protect seekers and no set of standards for “professionals” within the industry. The aim of SEEK is to educate the public about the potential dangers of self-help, empower the seekers to protect themselves, and encourage professionalism within this rapidly growing industry. We are trying to turn our devastating loss into something powerful. 
At SEEKSafely.org, you will find resources if you are interested in self-help, such as the empowerment guide–designed to help you ask the questions that can protect you before attending a self-help event. There is also information about the self-help industry, more on who we are and why we are interested in protecting seekers and strengthening safeguards within the self-help industry. Please browse the site and take some time to get to know us. We are open to comments and questions!

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