Change: Weight Loss, Fitness, Life Satisfaction?

Yesterday, I attended a 2 hour ZUMBATHON, that my niece sponsored as a fund raiser for SEEK. As a zumba “newbie”, I was struck by the commitment and determination of the 25 women attending. Exercising, dancing, lots of sweating to great, fun music created a high energy atmosphere.

Why do people zumba, go to the gym, take a spin class, practice yoga? I think people want to get in shape or stay in shape so that they can live life with more energy and greater satisfaction. People are also encouraged to get off the “couch” (the comfort zone of their lives) by being part of a group who have similar goals. These are the same motivations that draw people to an inspirational speaker or a motivational event.

So, the question for today is: Is the “couch of your life,” all the places where you are most comfortable, influencing you to NOT go for the improvement you seek? Think about it. Explore some the resources we are presenting in this website to decide who YOU want to be and where YOU want to go. You just might be your best GURU!

My deepest gratitude to MaryAlice, my niece who helped raise almost $600 to support the mission of SEEK. Not only is she getting in shape and reaching her personal goals, she is committed to protecting the lives of others who seek to improve their lives. Remember: Be smart…Be safe…no one should be in danger when trying to expand and grow.

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