The Challenge of Change: Repotting a Root-bound Plant

Just recently a friend asked for help in re-potting some plants.  At Home Depot we bought a big bag of potting soil and larger pots and then set out to “rejuvenate” her tired house plants.  Liberating one particular root-bound plant proved a major challenge.  I actually considered breaking the small pot to get the plant out.  The roots were so tightly woven around themselves and they clung tenaciously to the sides and bottom of the pot they had so clearly outgrown.

Rootbound! by George Grinsted on Flikr - Challenge of Change

Rootbound! by George Grinsted on Flikr

As I was elbow-deep in dirt, I began reflecting on how often we become root-bound in areas of our lives. Even when we desire change we cling to what we know, weaving our tired roots tighter and tighter together, constantly reinforcing what is familiar, even if uncomfortable, afraid of the “larger” pot.  Many times on a very basic level we know or sense that we are stuck, needing more room to grow and yet we resist the unknown, the untried. Like these plants, we all need occasional ‘repotting’–more soil, more air, a new environment that will allow us to stretch and grow and bloom. The process of liberating ourselves from being ‘stuck” may be a messy struggle but the rewards are great.  We must allow ourselves to stretch, letting our leaves develop a new fullness and luster, inviting more light and life into our world.  So, explore, try something new, meet a new friend, embrace new possibilities… grow!!!
Flowers in the Sun - Challenge of CHange

Flowers in the Sun by niXerKG on Flikr

Have you become “root-bound”? Do you require some “repotting’? What strategies do you find helpful to get unstuck?

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