Beyond Fundraising: Education and Workshops

It has been nearly a month since the Hudson Valley Blues and Jazz Fest to benefit SEEK. I can still hear the music and feel the enveloping warmth of support. And my feet are still itching to dance! I am filled with gratitude for all those who made the day possible–great musicians, those who donated wonderful auction items, friends and family who volunteered to help throughout the day, and all the generous guests! Now it’s time to look ahead, so read on to hear about our latest endeavour to further our mission: our “Create Change Now!” workshop series!

Beyond Fundraising

I realized that while it is imperative that we raise funds for the work of the organization, it is also critical that we have an event that celebrates the lives of Kirby, James and Liz. These three courageous individuals lived life in a very full way. From what I have learned about James Shore and Liz Neuman, they, like Kirby, were compassionate, loving people, always concerned for others, while being committed to learn and grow. They embraced life with passion, purpose and joy. It seems right that we should laugh and dance and enjoy each other as we unite to create a positive outcome from their deaths. They would not be standing still, but would be working to make sure that what happened to them would not happen again! Hudson Valley Blues and Jazz Fest to Benefit SEEK 2014 SEEK is working to fulfill their purpose. We will continue to provide resources to educate consumers of self-help products and events. We will offer workshops and seminars to tell their story and educate seekers to not assume, but demand ethical and safe treatment from teachers. We will encourage those consumers to be more discerning and aware of their surroundings and their vulnerabilities so that their journeys will be productive and safe. And we will be working to bring ethics and safety to the self-help industry. This is a HUGE task and we need everyone to join us in promoting our mission.

Create Lasting Change

I am starting a workshop series in NYC called “Create Change Now!”. I have realized that so much self-help literature and motivational events are about change, self-improvement, new ways of thinking, and solving personal problems. I plan to go beyond the “rah-rah” hype, the “think it, visualize it, manifest it” approach, to explore actual research on the change process. In teaching concrete skills and proven strategies needed for change, I will also be sharing the principles of the Empowerment Guide and the SEEK Safely Promise to encourage safe and productive journeys that can be meaningful and lasting. Stay tuned for more information about our workshop series. If you think our message might be right for you or a group you are a part of–your workplace, school, or any other group–contact us so we can start working together! Create Change NOW Seek Safely Workshop

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