On Thursday, June 23rd, we saw another Tony Robbins fire-walking event that resulted in injuries to participants. (Participants were also burned in 2012 at a San Jose, California, event.) More proof that SEEK Safely, Inc. is needed. How many people need to get hurt before there is change in this unregulated industry? How many more deaths, hospital visits, 911 calls, emotional breakdowns, and financial losses are needed to convince people that this industry is out of control? We know that many consumers who have been harmed do not report their experiences because they have been convinced it was their fault and often feel embarrassed or ashamed. Look at the spin Robbins is putting on this latest disaster to minimize the harm caused by his event, referring to burns as “sunburn” or “soreness” and blaming victims for being distracted. People who are seeking to grow and expand their lives professionally and personally should not be harmed in their quest. At SEEK we are working to empower the consumer with the tools and skills needed to evaluate their self-help experience to help ensure emotional, financial and physical safety. We are also exploring options to regulate an industry that won’t regulate itself–so many self-help providers are not even willing to make a public commitment to practice in an ethical and safe manner by signing the SEEK Safely Promise.  

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