Finding “True North”: Ginny’s Story

true north

While writing about our logo and the concept of using a compass to set direction, I realized I wanted to share  my “true north.” In most of my decision making, I rely on both my faith and scientific facts to help set my direction.

My Spiritual True North: Catholicism

As a Catholic Christian, a follower of Jesus and the “good news,”  I usually ask myself, “Will my behavior enhance or detract? Is my motivation peace or fear? Love or selfishness? Service or conceit? Honesty or ‘spin?’ Response or reaction?” Using Jesus’ prescriptions for living, I know I align myself with many great religious traditions that teach the golden rule and encourage each person to find their purpose, embracing the challenge to love and make a difference in the world.

My Professional True North: Science

As an educator and therapist, I like research and study.  So, in exploring another’s insights, I am acutely aware of the difference between opinion and proven fact, testimonials and research. Not all motivational speakers have to have Ivy League educations or professional degrees. In fact, I am always inspired by stories of courage and personal integrity. However, if a teacher is espousing something as the Truth with a capital “T,” I want to see additional confirmation though scientific evidence.

Seeking Safe Self-help

Like my daughter Kirby, life excites me and  I have always chosen to grow and learn.  I love people and hearing their stories, and I tend to be open-minded and trusting. However, my journey with SEEK has made me much more cautious. And while I have been “fooled” and scammed by charismatic self-help teachers, I am now more conscious of evaluating another’s words against my “true north” before buying the book, signing up for the program or going to the event. I hope the information and encouragement we offer here will help you identify and use your “true north!” What rules, creeds, or guides do you tend to live by? Share your story!

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