Vacation Time…a brain and body rest


Have you been able to take a vacation this summer? Perhaps you’re on a beach or in the woods right now…


beach camping by Ted Gresham on Flickr

Beach Vacation Time!

Our family planned our vacation to the beach for months. Last week we were all together. It was a busy and raucous time… 6 adults and 7 children under 9 years old. Our annual vacation is important to me; I want my grandchildren to know their cousins, especially since we are in 3 different countries (US, Canada and the Dominican Republic) and typically get together only once a year. Summer is often the time families take time to have a true rest. For me, sun and sea refresh and restore me, in both body and soul. I know I need to turn everything off. I believe we all need some times when we unplug: phones, computers, video games, all the technology that invades our personal and professional lives every day. Getting away from the grind of our normal lives is an important way to refresh. Those few precious days were an opportunity to just be… drinking in the joy of simply being with those I love.

Seizing the Moments

Ever since Kirby died, we all know that the certainty of life can be changed in an unpredictable minute. I never would have imagined that these beautiful little ones would never know their amazing Aunt Kirby. Since her death, I no longer expect time and people to always be there simply because I want them to be present. No matter how hard it can be to coordinate our busy schedules, we prioritize our family time together, knowing how important it is to spend time together. My prayer is that everyone reading this will take time this summer to STOP and be with those you love–rest, reflect, enjoy, and savor each moment of connection! The best present we can give each other is our presence. Featured image by maureen lederhos on Flickr

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