YOGA and Self-Help

Have you noticed that yoga studios and classes seem to be springing up all over the place.?   There has been some negative publicity lately about teachers who are unethical and have harmed their students, so let us consider: Is yoga self-help?

Well, people practice yoga for many reasons:  to relax, learn to breathe, for exercise, to attain greater spiritual enlightenment.  Many yoga teachers are well trained, passionate about their craft and anxious to lead their clients in a practice that will enhance their lives.

At SEEK, we are mainly concerned about that teacher, thought leader, motivational speaker, personal/professional development coach who is unethical and unsafe.  Sadly, people do lie about their training and experience and some who are extremely confident, self-assured and charismatic garner trust that they do not deserve.  So, how can I know if my teacher is properly trained and will enhance my well-being, not harm me?

We have gathered a group of yoga teachers together to inform us of Best Practices in the world of yoga.  What are the questions one should ask?  What should one pay attention to while in class?  What yoga practice will best suit an individual’s needs?

Stay tuned to learn more about safe, productive yoga.  Connect with us if you are a yoga teacher concerned about ethical practices in this area of personal growth.   Email us with questions that you may have about yoga that we can put to experts in the field.

Remember: SEEK, learn, grow, stretch, become all you can be knowing you are entitled to safe, ethical teachers!

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