I would never join a Cult.

This story has hit the front page news.  Branding? A Cult? In New York?

This organization has been toted as personal and professional development.  Courses and “intensives” are given to participants to “improve” their lives.  People think they would never join a “cult”, but the question remains, “do you know if the person/philosophy you are now following is leading you in a way you may never have freely chosen?”.  Research on cults emphasizes that the participant is “wooed” over a period of time to create a suggestible mindset.  People rarely admit to being “brainwashed”.  That implies weakness and mindless compliance, yet as experts have clearly indicated, mind control tactics are exactly what a leader expertly uses to create unchallenging allegiance.

When seeking personal and professional growth, SEEK urges all consumers of self-help materials to be cognizant of the RED FLAGS which may indicate potential danger.  The SEEK SAFELY PROMISE which we ask practitioners to sign to make a public statement of intent to practice ethically and safely is the consumer’s Bill of Rights.  SEEK urges consumers to be aware of your own vulnerabilities which may cause one to feel desperate for the “quick” fix or “magic” solution to painful life problems.  We know that what looks like help can sometimes harm…emotionally, financially, physically.  This story clearly demonstrates the need to be AWARE.  Choose your thought leader and self-improvement program carefully, ask questions, and remember, growth and change take time and work, nothing is free or magic!

Read the article here:

Dynasty Star Catherine Oxenberg’s Fight to Save Daughter from Group That Allegedly Brands Women

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