SEEK Safely End of Year Appeal

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Happy Holidays!

We hope you have had a productive and inspiring 2018 and will be enjoying special time with family and friends in the weeks to come. As we look to the close of the year, we are asking for your support.

2019 will be an important year for SEEK:

  • The legislation we have been working on in New York has been rewritten as a “Bill of Rights” for consumers of self-help, which is more in line with our original vision. We are seeking sponsorship in both houses this coming year and the bill will hopefully make it to a floor vote in 2019.
  • Ginny and Jean have written a book about our journey after losing Kirby. We are hoping it will be published in 2019 to bring more awareness to SEEK’s mission.

Why is this work important?

You may have heard reports on NXIVM, a group in Albany, NY. It calls itself a “self-help/self-development” organization, but it seems to be much more like a cult, with members branded with the initials of the leader and isolated from their families and friends. This group is a clear example of that “slippery slope” from self-help to cult.

We know that people are frequently harmed in professional and personal development programs–emotionally, financially, and sometimes physically. Despite tragedies such as the sweat lodge in Sedona or other extreme examples like NXIVM, this industry continues to operate totally unregulated. Consumers need to be wary. There are good teachers and then there are predatory charlatans who make huge amounts of money while offering little protection for the risks they ask their consumers to take. We are teaching people to be able to tell the difference between the good and the bad as they seek to improve their personal and professional selves.

As we enter this season of giving, people open their hearts and wallets for worthy causes. Our cause is Kirby, James and Liz, and we tell our story day after day to protect others who just want to be their best selves.

Your dollars help us to:

  • pay for social media boosts and advertisements
  • get interviews and publicity to create national awareness for consumer protection
  • find opportunities for speaking engagements
  • do the work to advance the legislation in Albany
  • connect with others who are doing work to investigate this industry, such as Glenn Doyle of, Ed Preston in Sedona and Gary King in Florida
  • create podcasts, maintain our website, and develop more content to share our story and information with others

Please consider SEEK to be your cause to make a change this year!


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