Why I love our Toast to Kirby

For the past few years, we’ve been doing these toasts to Kirby on her birthday. While we have other SEEK events and are always connecting with our supporters and followers on social media, I have really come to love this particular event.

This year, I was trying to figure out what it is exactly that makes this one such a special moment, and it occurred to me that I’m pretty sure Kirby would love this.

Kirby loved celebrations. Yes, the music, food, dancing, go-all-out kind of energy was definitely part of it. But I think it was also just about the togetherness for her. Our annual Kirby Jam is the opportunity for the music and the big party, but I think the Toast to Kirby gives us all a chance to enjoy the sense of togetherness that was at the heart of Kirby’s love of celebration. Kirby was masterful at gathering people together, connecting people, truly seeing and raising people up.

It’s part of why her death rocked so many. She had a talent for connecting with people intimately, even in a quick shared moment. She made friends everywhere.

Our toast is a way of continuing that practice. When we make eye contact with our companions and clink our glasses together, it is a moment of literally connecting with each other and celebrating our togetherness over a shared drink or sentiment.

Social media is awesome for this event, too. Kirby knew people all over the world. Her death brought a lot of different people together. There’s something very special about reaching through the screen to connect with all of these different people who are toasting to Kirby on the same day. Seeing other people’s pictures and videos makes my heart so happy.

Truly, I’m certain Kirby would really love to know that we use her birthday as a chance to reach across the table and celebrate being together. It’s a perfect way to honour her.

I hope you will join us tomorrow, February 8th. You can share your photos on our Facebook event, or tag us on Instagram @SEEKSafely. Of course, feel free to take part even if you don’t document it 😉 And if you wish to use the opportunity to support SEEK, donate on our website or through our Facebook fundraiser (and THANK YOU!).


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