Timing is Everything

In our book, “This Sweet Life: How we Lived after Kirby Died”, I describe a scene from our family camping days: “While traveling through the very flat Midwest, through golden fields of corn and dancing grasses, open fields that stretch as far as the eye can see, George abruptly stopped the van. He told everyone ‘get out of the car, look around and scream as hard as you can’ … There was no lingering sound; our voices were swallowed up, snuffed out, disappearing into the air. There was nothing to hold, receive or reverberate the sound–nothing; silence, just silence.” I have often felt like that since Kirby’s death. No matter how hard I was screaming,  it seemed my voice just disappeared. For me, this was one motivation to write our story, to publish a book, something tangible that would last.

Renewed Media Interest

And now as we release our book, Wondery produces an amazing 6-episode podcast series called GURU. I think it is the best and most complete piece of reporting on the tragedy in Sedona, Arizona on October 8, 2009. In addition, the Oxygen network aired, in the first episode of the “Deadly Cults” series, another very complete and insightful accounting of the events of that Spiritual Warrior retreat. Not since Matt Stroud reported on the deaths of Kirby Brown, James Shore and Liz Neuman for The Verge has any network taken the time to examine and report so thoroughly. I guess timing is everything… maybe my voice speaking for Kirby, James and Liz can finally be heard!

We urge everyone to listen to the GURU podcast, as well as Real Crime Profile’s follow-up podcast on Wondery, and watch the Oxygen network show, “Deadly Cults” to understand what went so tragically wrong on that fateful day.

Read “This Sweet Life”

And if you would like to know our personal experience of this event, our book, “This Sweet Life: How we Lived after Kirby Died” can be purchased on Amazon, or through your local bookseller. NO ONE should ever lose their life while trying to expand it.  Learn, grow, seek, but do it SAFELY… open heart, and open eyes!

So, timing? Coincidence? God-incidence? Chance? Providence? I believe sometimes the God who birthed us knows what we need even as we scream for what we want.


One comment on “Timing is Everything

  1. Jennifer Lucci on

    I love this blog and so wish Kirby was alive because I met her through your book!! I saw snippets of the charlatan J Ray on Piers Morgan when he first got out of jail and want to watch in entirety. Piers held his feet to the fire and really let him know that Kirby, and your family are the ones who lost and are suffering. He still makes it about him. What a sick puppy. I’m so sorry Kirby was lied to, she didn’t go there to die, she went there to learn how to live a healthy and happy life as her fullest self. I’m just saddened that she didn’t realize she already was.

    I appreciate being anonymous as I fear James Ray would harass anyone who tells it like it is as far as he’s concerned.


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