Evaluating Self-Help: Strategy #11- My Way vs. Established Professionals?


Dr. Norcross cautions us that when seeking real help for change, if you are being told to reject conventional, time honored wisdom and educated professionals, BEWARE!

  • Anti-establishment, anti-science gurus claim that they have new information, more knowledge, clearer insights and actually are more “in tune” with the universe than classically trained professionals.  New ideas and fresh insights are always welcome, but when uncritically hyped as “the latest, the newest, the best” without evidence and proven safety, you should be wary.
  • Medical health care demands scientific evidence to use a new procedure or administer a new drug, should you simply believe the guru that asks you to trust her/him alone and discredits all other validly trained professionals?

I am reminded of the admonition we give children to NOT TRUST the adult who says, “this is our special secret, don’t tell anyone. I know best.”, when that adult is actually trying to take advantage of that child in some way.     After the tragedy in Sedona, James Ray encouraged those who survived the Spiritual Warrior retreat to seek help, not from licensed mental helf professionals but from “like-minded” individuals whom he recommended!     

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