April 15th TAX DAY Reality and Attitude

tax-day APRIL 15th ..TAX DAY The dreaded day of reconning. The deadline looms ominously. Many wait until the very last minute to file their taxes.  The Post Office extends its hours, people wait on line to make sure their return is postmarked before midnight, April 15. Why do people wait until the last minute? Some hate the paper work.  Many recoil at reviewing their earnings and sending  money to the government.  Many struggle with figuring out the forms, wondering if they should have used the short form or the long form and if they are ignoring possible deductions. Some question if they are being smart in their filing or just want it completed, an odious task. Then there are others who can’t wait for their income statements in January.  They tackle the forms with a vengence, determined to get the most from deductions, using every rule to minimize their taxable bottom line.  They find the entire process a challenge! I definitely fit into thie former category, having always hated numbers, money and complicated paper work, which is why I am not a math teacher or a banker and have an accountant to do our taxes. But what does this have to do with SEEKING to grow and expand my life???? First, REALITY is REAL! Whether I hate doing my taxes or enjoy the challenge, it still has to be done. Taxes are a reality in our life.  There will be consequences if this reality is ignored. (a fine for late filing if taxes are due or missing out on the interest that could have been gained from a return check). When I am seeking to grow by following a certain motivational speaker, reading a great resource or going to an inspiring event, the reality is: I will not grow or change unless I take action in my life to do so.  Also, there are laws of nature that determine physical reality.  My mind is powerful, but just “thinking” cannot change or create reality.  (the myth of the “Secret”)  My thinking definitely influences my perception and experience of life but does not determine what life presents to me!  If I ignore the reality of the laws of nature or my own responsibilities, there will be consequences. Secondly, MY ATTITUDE can impact my experience.  Yes, how I choose to think will influence how I feel and my emotions can then impact my behaviors.  Dreading a task will probably cause that task to be more difficult.  I have choices to either learn the skills to complete the job so I can execute it with greater competence and confidence and therefore, feel less stressed. Or I can engage the help of another who possesses the skill set needed to do the job properly. So, in all areas of life ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING, but CERATIN REALIIES CANNOT BE IGNORED.  How I approach a situation or respond to a life event will impact my experience.  But can I determine what will transpire because of what I am thinking? No matter how I feel about paying taxes, no matter what attitude I adopt, tax day will always arrive on APRIL 15.  Happy April 15th!

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