Case Study: Ed Preston – a practitioner in Sedona

Spirit Question in Sedona

Every provider of help is unique. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I provide individual and family therapy through the lens of my education and my experience and while I employ strategies that have been tried and tested though academic scrutiny, my approaches are still uniquely mine. In the realm of retreat experiences and personal reflection that is guided by a teacher, this is also true. We are not promoting or endorsing the following practitioners but are sharing how they have made a commitment to use the PROMISE to guide their policies and practice.

Sedona Sunrise Sedona Healing Retreats

sunrise-in-sedona Ed  Preston, formerly of Spirit Quest, had helped arrange the Summit in Sedona in 2014. .  At the time of the summit, Spirit Quest had made significant changes on their website by featuring the Promise and Empowerment Guide.  They had instructed those who offered services at Spirit Quest to refrain from using the title”shaman” which may be misleading and not correctly representative of a person’s experience or training. They also reviewed and revised some of their practices, specifically their refund policies and risk management plans. They understand that reviewing policies and procedures is ultimately a never ending process. At that time, a policy concerning those in recovery from addiction had been added. They had stated that when addiction is involved, they wanted an assurance that the client would be at least 6 months clean and sober before coming to the center and that the client explicitly understood that Spirit Quest was not a drug and alcohol rehab. Spirit Quest has since changed its direction to have a more “New Age” appeal and is no longer associated with SEEK.  However, Ed Preston has since founded and is now working at SUNRISE SEDONA and can be found on  Ed continues to be concerned that people receive good, proven therapies for true healing and sustainable life changes. Check out their website: to see how they are implementing the Promise in their everyday practice.

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