The SEEK Safely Promise in the United Kingdom

Seek Safely in the United Kingdom

Seek Safely in the United Kingdom

International Seek Safely Signers (United Kingdom)

Both Jacky Newcombe and Jenny Smedley from the United Kingdom have signed the Promise.

Jacky Newcomb - Seek Safely

Jacky Newcomb

Jenny Smedley - Seek Safely

Jenny Smedley

Women’s Health Magazine Feature

In September, Women’s Health, the largest women’s magazine in Britain will publish an article written by Kate Graham about the self-help industry.  After interviewing Ginny about Kirby’s death, the editor decided to feature SEEK’s story in the article.

Hearts on Fire – Edinburgh Festival in Scotland

In 2012, Callum Cheatle, produced “Hearts on Fire“, an immersion theater experience for the Edinburgh festival  in Scotland which was a re-enactment of the sweat lodge tragedy.  The Fringe event was designed to educate the audience about people’s vulnerabilities when faced with powerful mind controlling tactics from a charismatic leader.

SEEK Safely Internalization

We have received  a request from Slovakia to translate our blogs into Slovak in order to educate people in that country who are wishing to expand their lives and are reading self-help materials and attending motivational seminars. Obviously the need for ethics and safety in the self-help industry extends well beyond the United states. As human beings, we thirst for connection, meaning and purpose in our lives.  And therefore , people will always seek growth, insight and change in their lives.  Whether that search is within an established religion, or another alternative, perhaps ‘new age’ path the need for good, responsible, ethical teachers to inspire and empower others will always exist.  The mission of SEEK is to promote ethics and  safety for those who teach and those who seek.

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See what some of the signers of The Promise are doing to implement the values of that public declaration of intent.  Our thanks to all those who have both signed the Promise and have sent us specific ways they are using the promise to ensure respectful, fair and safe service for their consumers. If you have gone to a motivational event or read a self-help book, invite that provider to sign the Promise and share the Empowerment guide with those you know who seek to keep growing! If you would like to have a presentation on the importance of continual growth, productive journeys and achieving real satisfaction in your life, please contact us at

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