Summer… Rest, Renew, and Reboot!

Summer Sun Tree

The (maybe not so) Lazy Days of Summer

Summer is usually a time when we suspend our schedules, the work load slows down, and we take vacations. I think vacation is an absolute necessity in our busy lives. Vacation gives us time to relax, renew and refresh our minds and spirits. Time away from the everyday stuff of life helps us to “reboot” in order to return to our daily lives with renewed purpose and energy. This summer, our family’s vacation was in Scotland. We all gathered in the seaside town of Ayr on the west coast to allow our grown children and grandchildren to experience their Scottish heritage, to see and feel the places that their Nana talked about so often. This time together, as all events tend to be now, was bitter-sweet because Kirby was not there. While we make a conscious decision not to dwell on sadness and loss, this shadow always haunts us.

Aisla Craig Cliffs

Ailsa Craig Cliffs, photo by Martyn Jenkins on Flickr

Getting Back to Work

And it is that reality that brings me to our renewal of purpose because when I miss her, I know I have work to do. I want her death to bring life to others. After some time to rest and renew, we are rebooting to get ready for our annual fall fundraiser. For the past two years we have held a musical jam fest to celebrate Kirby’s love for parties, dancing, and great tunes. While reveling, we gather to remember Kirby, James and Liz, and open our hearts and wallets to the mission of SEEK, our effort to be their voices. I am convinced that Kirby, Liz and James would want others to seek meaning and purpose while living with passion and joy. Even though they are not physically present, somehow their spirits invite us to see the beauty around us and embrace the adventure of life. We know that honoring them means living to the fullest. Please help us influence ethical and safe practices in the self-help industry and educate people to have safe, productive journeys. Your financial help will allow us to hold more summit meetings, to reach more audiences with the Empowerment Guide, to expand our social media impact, to promote the Promise to more providers, and to appeal to legislators to review safety in this industry. So put Saturday, October 18 on your calendar! Plan to join us at Thomas Bull Memorial Park, at the top of the hill overlooking Orange County, New York. It will be a day of fabulous music, good food, and dancing in an absolutely beautiful setting on the grounds where Kirby’s memorial is located. More details to follow!

Summer Sun Tree

Summer Sun Tree, photo by Nick Harris on Flickr


Growing up, August 15 always marked the end of summer. That feeling of regret and profound loss would wash over me as the carefree days of summer slipped away. As an adult, I spend these last days of summer reflecting on the previous months. I am filled with gratitude that our family had the opportunity to have such an awesome vacation, a reminder of the importance of togetherness and family, and a renewal of the importance of SEEK’s work. I am also grateful that our mission will continue because of the continued support of so many. See you on October 18th!

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