Don’t be a Fool!

April Fool’s Day is upon us. Do you have some epic plan to get someone? Pranks and silly jokes can be a fun part of every day life.

(Wrong holiday, but these parents pranking their kids cracks me up every time…)

But, jokes aside, no one wants to be the fool. A fool is defined as “one deficient in judgment and good sense.” Adjectives like, nincompoop, imbecile, idiot, jackass, and simpleton come to mind. No one wants to be the butt of jokes, to have others laugh AT them.

Why Do We Get Fooled?

And yet, we get fooled all the time. Why is it so easy to fool ourselves, to believe something that isn’t true or to perceive a situation with a determination to defend that perspective no matter what facts are presented to us? I think the answer might be found in the challenge of being honest with ourselves, to admit our own weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Please remember we are all vulnerable sometimes.

At SEEK, we ask consumers to use their best judgment to decide if a teacher is being honest, accurate, protective, helpful and acting with integrity (and we ask self-help providers to commit to those standards).

Check with Yourself & Check for Red Flags

We urge people to pay attention to themselves and check when they are vulnerable to being scammed or taken advantage of. If a person is in great pain and feeling desperate, they may NEED to totally believe in another, to believe in the quick, instant solution. And they’re willing to spend money to get that answer. If one feels weak, tired, or confused, it can be a relief to have someone else tell them what to do, even when that means giving up their personal power.

This is the recipe for a scam. Remember, all those “red flags” feed on and create more vulnerability. If someone is at a high energy event where everyone else is psyched up and following the presenter, and especially if there has been any sort of sensory deprivation, it becomes so easy for that person to join the group-think.

So, be aware of how you’re feeling, and be honest with yourself. It’s ok to admit to feeling weak and vulnerable. Simply knowing where you are in your head and heart is a great form of protection. Don’t be the one who gets fooled!

And on another totally important note, we really want to hear your best April Fools pranks! Share your story in the comments!

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