2020 Kirby Jam Recap

"Be Your Own Guru" Seek Safely

despite the challenges of 2020…

Our Virtual Kirby Jam was a Success!

Thanks to all who joined us for our live broadcast event on December 4th, to everyone who participated in our online auction, and to our event sponsors. We had a great evening!

While we missed having our usual Kirby Jam party with music and food and togetherness, in this virtual setting we were able to share a lot more about what we accomplished in 2020 and what we are planning for the coming year.

Watch the full broadcast or select individual segments on our YouTube channel.

Read on for links to the info we covered!Watch this quick piece from SEEK‘s Treasurer, Bernie Cassidy, about the importance of supporting SEEK.

Special thanks to all of our sponsors who made the event possible!

Making Links!

We covered a lot of ground at the event! Here’s some of what we discussed:

SEEK Board member Tony Kirby, who heads up SEEK‘s legislative initiative, gives a history of and update on our pending NY state legislation.

Be Your Own Guru Brainstorm 

Also at the December 4th event, we announced our 2021 Theme:


We are planning an interactive, seeker-focussed event for March 5th, the Be Your Own Guru Brainstorm: a collective conversation about our shared experiences of seeking and how with yourself in mind–your values and aspirations and the practices YOU put into place–you can be your own guru. We will share some of the knowledge and tools we have gained over the years, and we want to hear from all of you about your experiences with self-help programs and teachers on your journeys of personal growth. We want to connect with seekers to help you create an empowerment plan for your own self-improvement journey.

Sign up on our website to keep in touch with announcements about this upcoming event.


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