Happy 2019!

SEEK Safely Happy 2019

Did 2018 fly by? Or did it drag on for you? Either way, 2019 is here! The New Year is a time for new beginnings, fresh starts, novel approaches, and reimagined dreams. At SEEK, we often take the opportunity to consider what we accomplished in the previous year and what we hope to achieve in the new one. Our Board met in early December to discuss just that, and what we see is that 2019 is shaping up to be an exciting year for us!

Legislative Push

We continue on the slog of pushing for legislation that will bring more accountability to self-help professionals in New York state. We knew from the start that this goal is not an easy or quick one. The first iteration of our bill has been rewritten. Now we move ahead with an improved effort that is more in line with our original vision: a bill of rights for consumers of self-help. We will certainly need the help of our New York supporters to encourage their assemblymembers and senators to support our bill as it gets further in the process, so stay tuned!

Staff Changes

We say goodbye to some of our SEEK staff members who are moving on. Annette and Michelle were instrumental in crafting our message through social media and setting up our events. Thanks to both of them for all of their hard work!

In 2018, we made a number of local connections in the Brown family’s home area. Now we look to expand our reach and audience, especially in the online spaces where many of the self-improvement communities exist. Again, we will need help from all of our supporters to spread our message! If you don’t already, follow us on our Facebook page and discussion group, on Twitter @SEEKSafely, and on Instagram @SEEKSafely.

A Book

Ginny and Jean, Kirby’s mother and sister, have written a compelling memoir about their experience after Kirby’s death: learning about what happened to her, dealing with the grief, and enduring the criminal trial. We’re on track and hope to publish in late 2019, to mark the 10 year anniversary of the sweat lodge that took Kirby, James Shore, and Liz Neuman’s lives. We hope this will be a big step in sharing our story and bringing more visibility to SEEK’s mission. We will certainly share more info as it comes available!

Mark Your Calendar!

In the meantime, the first big event for SEEK in 2019 is a tradition we hope to continue from last year: A Toast to Kirby on her birthday, February 8th. We loved seeing people’s photos and videos from last year, sharing a special moment together from near and far to celebrate our great friend, sister, cousin, daughter. Mark your calendar for the evening of February 8th! (and don’t worry–we’ll remind you 😉

Toast to Kirby 2019

“Sedona Drink” by Thales on Flickr


We hope you’ve had a joyous and peaceful holiday season. Best wishes for the New Year and as always, thank you for your support! 

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