Checklist 1 of 12: Don’t Choose a Book By Its Cover


In our last post , we introduced Dr. John Norcross and his new book, “Self-Help That Works”. One of the tools in this book that we find especially helpful is his checklist of 12 strategies to help us select credible help. The first strategy: 1.      DO NOT CHOOSE a book or guru by its COVER, title or advertising

  • BE AWARE that a glitzy cover, sensational claims, amazing testimonials, quick fixes, “breakthrough” and “revolutionary” approaches may reflect a plush advertising budget rather than truly helpful information.The glitz often involves testimonials,(often from celebrities), a charismatic speaker, or a series of book and products to buy.   But be AWARE that a testimonial is NOT scientific proof of a technique for change.
  • BE AWARE that the attractive, charismatic speaker may not have the training, education or experience that is being claimed.
  • BE AWARE that in our capitalistic system encouraging consumerism is the driving force, not real education for personal improvement.

“The Secret” was a marketing marvel. Doesn’t everyone want to know a secret? But thinking positively to influence change in your life is not new information and thinking positively to actually CREATE change is simply not true. The “law of attraction” sounds great but can a person totally control their reality? And as we learned, behind the attractive package was a “guru” who turned out to be dangerously unqualified to lead others–so dangerous that 4 people have died under his “guidance.” Dr. Norcross urges us: “Be an intelligent consumer of psychological knowledge by going beyond the glitzy cover, the celebrity testimonials, the fancy ads, and the bookstore’s elaborate display. Instead, make your choices based on the next 11 strategies.”

(to be featured in future posts…check out the link to Dr. Norcross’s materials)


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