Self-Help That Works

Dr. John Norcross, Ph.D., psychology professor at Scranton University has been watching this industry and has conducted research about the change process to separate “hype” from reality. In his book “Self-Help that Works”, Dr. Norcross states: “Self-help is big business. Americans spend an estimated $10 billion each year on self-improvement products (, 2011). We buy almost $600 million in self-help books each year and surf more than 25,000 Web sites devoted to mental health (Paul, 2001).  While self-help is big business, it is, alas, not always a scientific business… The Internet, in particular, is awash in snake oil…More than a staggering 95% of self-help resources in mental health possess no scientific research attesting to their success (or failure) as a self-help method.” Self-help that works - Norcross To order, click here.

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