Christine Whelan “Generation WTF”

People often seek to change or grow at various times in life. Dr. Christine Whelan’s book, “Generation WTF…” is primarily written for the generaton just beginning to enter adult life (19-29 year olds).  If you are in your twenties, life may not be turning out the way you expected. Where are the jobs? Can I live on my own?  How can I get out of school debt? What happened to the bright future I was expecting? This is a big turning point in life, and the huge list of questions that comes with it can be overwhelming. But it’s important to seek help and advice from proven, safe resources. Generation WTF is filled with practical advice and strategies to help WTFers answer these questions and achieve success. It has REAL research on change strategies that have been tested on this generation and proven to be effective. It also includes long respected but often forgotten advice from previous generations. So, are you seeking to enter adult life, start a career, build lasting relationships, become independent, embark on a satisfying and meaningful future??? Then this book is for YOU. Check it out:

A note on the author: Christine B. Whelan, PhD, a sociology professor, wrote her doctoral dissertation on the self-help industry. She has been testing the advice of self-help resources and the psychology of behavioal change with her students for the past few years.  The book is the result of her explorations and the results of other WTFers to seek safely and successfully.
For more from Dr. Whelan, check out the Generation WTF blog and Facebook page.


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