More on Dr. Christine Whelan’s “Generation WTF”

We are featuring Dr. Christine Whelan’s excellent resource for those entering the adult world. However, the information and the exercises in the book can be helpful to anyone seeking personal growth.  The title WTF is translated into Getting Wise, Tenacious and Fearless. In discussing getting “WISE”, Dr Whelan challenges us to examine our values and explore our purpose in life, honestly. In order to become” TENACIOUS“, we need to set SMART goals, develop self-control, understanding how stress and procrastination are sabatours to personal success. Finally, to become “FEARLESS”, Dr. Whelan asks us to scrutinize the meaning of thrift in how we use our money, physical resources and time.  We develop a fearless nature when we embrace life skills that encourage personal responsibility, expand our friendships and embrace opportunities to “give back’, making this place better because we were here. Generation_WTF

A note on the author: Christine B. Whelan, PhD, a sociology professor, wrote her doctoral dissertation on the self-help industry. She has been testing the advice of self-help resources and the psychology of behavioal change with her students for the past few years.  The book is the result of her explorations and the results of other WTFers to seek safely and successfully.
For more from Dr. Whelan, check out the Generation WTF blog and Facebook page.

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