Turning the Release of James Arthur Ray Into a New Day for Seek Safely

3551829101_69b56f4c8cAll our efforts and time the past week has been on launching our new website and contacting the self-help providers to issue them our newly created SEEK SAFELY Promise.  Now I have caught my breath and can reflect on the press conference we held at the time of James Arthur Ray’s release from prison. We are so grateful to all the media and print outlets that came to provide coverage.  Kirby’s story is being told. Our voices, raised up to be hers is  being heard. As George and I spoke yesterday, it became crystal clear to me that our daughter Kirby is really driving this mission.  The manner in which she lived her life is inspirational.  It was not without confusion, doubts and struggles, but Kirby never gave up on trying to understand herself and set positive directions in her life.  She lived “full on” always, whether she was working, dancing, surfing, or helping friend.  She always gave people and  life her All. And we have to give this mission  our all, playing”full on” as she would have done. At the end of the day, the way she lived INSPIRES us to live with passion, generosity, compassion, and true purpose. The way she died challenges us to initiate CHANGE. SEEK_gandhiPROVIDERS: There needs to be Change in how self-help is provided. We implore the individual practitioners  to examine their delivery of service, being guided by safe and ethical practices. We ask those who offer help for others to grow to make a commitment to their consumers to be truthful, accurate, respectful, protective, act with integrity and ensure safety. Sign the SEEK SAFELY PROMISE! CONSUMERS: We need to Change in how we approach self-help services whether it is a book, a program , a motivational talk, event or retreat. Ask more questions, make sure your teacher is acting ethically and safely, and check  if your leader has a risk management plan to ensure your safety in the event of an accident. Review the SEEK SAFELY PROMISE, give it to your leader and hold your leader to it. Check out our EMPOWERMENT GUIDE to help ensure that your growth journey will be productive, safe and truly life changing! Finally, we learned to listen as Kirby, James and Liz are speaking to us all! Ginny Brown

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