Safe: The Final Value in SEEK Safely Promise

We have been detailing the values of the Seek Safely Promise here in our blog. So far, we have discussed the need for self-help professionals to be truthful, accurate, respectful, protective and to live with integrity. The final value in the SEEK Safely Promise asks self-help professionals be SAFE:

If engaging participants in a physical activity, there will be appropriate medical support available in case of injury. The leader will have a comprehensive risk management plan to minimize any risk taken by participants and clearly explain any potential risks that are part of the event.


Safety Slogans

We are a nation obsessed with safety. We monitor safety in products for children and families, in vehicles, equipment, public assets, in construction, medicine… From the little league ball field to a 10K run, there is medical support available to handle any unfortunate accident. Businesses, companies, event planners–basically any professional that engages others–have insurance and risk management plans to prepare for the eventuality of a possible mishap. Almost everywhere in our lives, there are precautions for physical safety. We have come to expect these precautions and risk management plans as part and parcel of a professional endeavor or event. When a potentially dangerous activity is offered, it has become commonplace for participants to be asked to sign a waiver. When signing a waiver, admitting to voluntarily taking a risk, it seems reasonable to assume that the organizer of the event does not want participants to be injured and will do whatever  possible to minimize any risk. The person or company offering such an activity is often compelled by consumer protection laws and/or their insurance to provide safety measures that both minimize risk and plan for a possible accident. However, in the world of self-help, we now know that there are no laws mandating safe practices and there may not be insurance restrictions requiring even a risk management plan. Unfortunately, when signing a waiver at a self-help event, participants do not know that the person they are absolving of liability is aware of or has actually prepared for their safety. There are ethical and safe self-help providers out there who are conscious and aware of minimizing risk and making sure participants are safe when engaging in physically challenging activities. If you are one of these professionals, we ask you to sign the SEEK SAFELY PROMISE. Make a public declaration to your followers that you are conscious of their safety and can be trusted to act in an ethical manner! If you are a Seeker, ensure that you teacher is aware of your safety. Ask him/her to sign the SEEK SAFELY PROMISE, to let you and others know that they will never allow something like the tragedy in Sedona to happen on their watch!  

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