New Year, New Plans, New Attitude

change I have learned that while planning is important so I can have some control over my life, my attitude towards the things that just happen may be even more important than any plans. So I can’t help but wonder–what will this new year bring? Life always brings unexpected events, connections, opportunities, and people into my life.  Much of the unanticipated and unplanned for are wonderful surprises; however, some can be difficult challenges that I never expected to face. I have learned that when I greet the unexpected with fear or resentment, anger will probably rule my emotions and thoughts, and impact my behavior. However, if I welcome whatever life brings me with humility, gratitude and curiosity, asking what I can learn, what direction I need to take, what I must do to help or solve whatever problems have been presented to me, then my responses are more productive and satisfying. So even though I may start the new year with Big Plans about what I want to change or improve in my life, working on my attitude, being present and aware, and centering myself to be peaceful and grateful for whatever life brings will undoubtedly be much more critical. What plans are you making for this new year? What helps you maintain a healthy attitude towards life’s unexpected events? Happy New Year!

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