February 8



It’s Kirby’s Birthday today.  I don’t know what she might have done with her life in these last 4 years since her death.  Would she have found her soul-mate?  had a child?  exploded her business? continued to live and work in the Baja?

I don’t know what her life would have been like, but I can imagine how my life might have been different had she survived James Ray’s sweat lodge in Sedona, Arizona.   I would have seen her joy in the expansion of our family, and her pride in her siblings as parents.  I would have witnessed her delight in all their children, Lyle, Angus, George and especially the new babies, McCloy,  Quinn Kirby, and Linden. I know I would have experienced grand, new adventures in Mexico and other places with my “drunk on life” daughter.  There would have been more parties, more music, more friends filling our home when Kirby was visiting.  I would have been working full time and not starting an organization to educate people about self-help and promote ethics and safety in the self-help industry.   I would have been hearing her voice rather than trying to BE her voice. The grief journey is unique for every individual, yet difficult and long for everyone.  I am trying to be grateful each day for the gift of Kirby’s life, rather than crushed with sadness by her death. For all of you who knew and loved Kirby, it is my prayer that how she lived with joy and purpose will inspire you to do the same.  Life itself and time are precious gifts that should never be wasted.  Live!  Love!  Make the world a better place because you had the privilege to be here!   And let’s work together to make each person’s personal growth journey be productive and safe.

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