Happy Valentine’s Day!

The love day… What does this day mean to you? Is it the day you send loving messages to others in your life or to your “special person”? Is it the day you wait to receive the card, flowers, chocolate, a gift from your spouse, lover, friend? Did this day mean more to you when dating, engaged or newly committed to another? I believe that loving and being loved is a basic human need. So pausing on a special day to remind us of this critical aspect of our human experience has value and purpose. The self-help world is awash in the sales pitch promising emotional, relational satisfaction as well as financial, health and business security. Can you think your way into love? Is there a system that you can develop to “attract” and keep the right person in your life? In my experience, learning to love and being loving allows us to recognize love in another. Finding the right partner with whom you can share your life seems both serendipitous as well as requiring of self reflection, direction and maturity to be self-sacrificing. Being self-aware and mindful will help you to choose well and will enable you to then be the right partner once you have joined yourself to another. Often when waiting and wanting to be loved, we become needy and greedy, ultimately pushing love away. If you have chosen well, then being a loving partner will more likely ensure that love will be returned. Listen to your heart and head and then BE the lover! And what exactly is love? I think the best definition can be found in Corinthians 13: 4-7:


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  Happy Valentine’s Day from SEEK Safely.  

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