Celebrations of FREEDOM… Easter… Passover

Seek Safely Easter Freedom

Do you want to be FREE? Are there things in your life impeding your freedom?  What do you want to be freed from? Is it worry, financial concerns, anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, or loneliness? Last weekend as Jews and Christians celebrated Passover and Easter, the clarion call is FREEDOM! The Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt. Christians celebrated the redemption of sin and the freedom found in living in the light, embracing life as Jesus taught. It seems to me that all people seek freedom from conditions of bondage as well as redemption from our own self-imposed slavery. We enslave ourselves with our worries, fears, doubts, addictions, and anxieties, all preventing us from embracing our own ability to become our best selves. Whether Jew or Christian, Muslim or Buddhist, religious or non-religious, let us all strive to bring freedom to those suffering around us, and work to release our own self-limitations. SEEK to become your best self, be self-aware, study, grow, learn, engage in the world around you to discover the beauty and privilege we all share in the life we have been given! I believe there is a God that seeks us out to bring us both freedom and peace, may both gifts be yours! Spread the Seek Safely Promise and the Empowerment Guide to anyone that you think is looking for freedom. Measuring Spirituality  

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